Happy Hour

Martini & Sushi Bar
Daily 5pm – 6:00pm
Fridays – 4pm – 6:00pm
(food service @ 5pm)

50% off the following:

Well Liquors including all Well Cocktails
Call Liquors including all Call Cocktails
Budweiser, Bud Light & Coors Light
House Hot Sake & Cold Unfiltered Nigori Sake
House Red & White Wines (owner choice)

25% off the following:
(does not apply to takeout)

Special Roll of the Day (chef choice)
Tempura Mixed Veggies
Dynamite Tempura Green Beans

Reservations Recommended - Please Call 208.788.3310 ~ Casual Atmosphere with a High End Feel
Open Monday through Saturday 5:00 PM, Friday Bar Opens at 4:00 PM

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