Our Menu

Zōu 75

*all rolls available as temaki (hand-rolled cones)

  • the south valley

    spicy ahi tuna, crispy onions & avocado, topped with wasabi tobikko

  • the mazzola

    dynamite crab, jicama, scallions & garlic chips topped with sichimi pepper

  • the pauley

    cooked eel (unagi), cucumber, avocado, crispy onions

  • the kai

    sake (salmon), ahi tuna, sweet potato tempura, scallions, wasabi tobikko

  • the priestley (limited availability)

    smoked hamachi (yellowtail), avocado, sun valley mustard & crispy onions, topped with white sesame seeds

  • the zou

    sweet potato tempura, crispy onions, jicama, avocado

  • the hickey

    hickey foods’ cajun-smoked trout, garlic chive créme fraiche, cucumber, avocado & crispy onions topped with sesame seeds

  • the philly

    fresh salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, with wasabi and bamboo charcoal sesame seeds

  • the kiki

    miso-glazed salmon, crispy onions, steamed spinach, yuzu tobikko

  • the black diamond

    spicy firecracker scallops, jicama, scallions, wasabi tobikko

  • the hailey

    fresh hamachi (yellowtail) & avocado, topped with orange tobikko

  • fire in the roll

    miso-glazed salmon, crispy onions, steamed spinach, yuzu tobikko

  • the kris

    walu tempura, masago, avocado, jalapeno and sirachi aoli

  • honyaki

    teriyaki baked walu, roasted garlic aioli, napa cabbage, red bell pepper, asparagus, & avocado, topped with kabayaki sauce, sprinkled with crispy spun sweet potatoes & orange tobikko

  • half cab roll

    tempura red bell pepper, avocado, napa cabbage, crispy onions & thai chili oil, topped with snow crab, spicy/sweet sauce, julienne beets & wasabi sesame seeds

  • stop, drop & roll

    ebi tempura, unagi sichimi encrusted cream cheese, avocado & crispy onions... all topped with layers of fresh ahi tuna & drizzled with kabayaki sauce

  • chef's choice roll

    a unique custom-made roll designed by our zōu 75 sushi chefs